Wineslush Mixes, made by Morningstar Specialty Foods, are the ideal handcrafted and homemade party drink for every season! Whether for yourself or as gifts, these wine mixes are perfect to keep in your freezer for those impromptu parties or those moments when you simply need to unwind. Plan ahead with our stay at home Wineslushies, no blender or slush machine needed!

It’s Warm Winter Wine time… finally.

It’s that time of year again… Comfort in a cup. Our Warm Winter Wine will become your favorite winter indulgence!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Our collection of Fall specialties is sure to warm up their home and hearth.

Our Company was founded on our number one seller – our Southern Grilled Chicken Seasoning. This all-natural, handcrafted herb blend is good on all your meats and roasted veggies. Just toss whatever your cooking with olive oil and sprinkle some of our seasoning on it. You can now pan fry, roast, grill, or use your instant pot to get an unbelievable flavor. Crazy good on burgers, in meatloaf, eggs, and spaghetti sauce. Instant success! You and your hungry guest are going to love this stuff.